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FamLink is compatible with all Windows version from XP and the installation files are provided in FamLinkSetup.exe below.

When downloading FamLink, you are encouraged to send us an
email including:
- your name
- the name and location of your institution
- any comments you might have about the program
With this information, we can keep track of how FamLink is used, and we can notify you about possible updates of the program.

Current version

FamLinkSetup v.1.16

-          Bugs corrected mainly in the Quick analyses interface.

-          Several minor bugs corrected.

-          The file markerInfo.ini, located in the FamLink install directory can be edited to include more predefined markers with genetic positions to be used in the Quick analysis interface.


Earlier versions

FamLinkSetup v.1.15

-          Bugs corrected in the Quick analyses interface.

-          Several minor bugs smashed

-          Minor updates

FamLinkSetup v.1.14

FamLinkSetup v.1.12

FamLinkSetup v.1.11

FamLinkSetup v.1.1

FamLinkSetup v.1.0

You may send comments to help@famlink.se