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This page contains some videos which demonstrates how to use FamLink and also Frequently Asked Questions.


Q: Will FamLink have the possibility to account for mutations?

A: We are currently working on this, meanwhile the Error rate (Options) can be used if a mutation is observed.


Q: Will FamLink be able to handle multiple linked markers?

A: We hope to present a more complete version of FamLink in the near future, able to handle several linked markers.


Q: Will FamLink provide the possibility to handle X-chromosomal markers?

A: Yes


Installation Video demonstrating how to install FamLink

Video 1 at Youtube

Video 1 in .wmv format


Getting started Introduction to using FamLink demonstrating how to setup the Getting started example and do likelihood calculations.

Video 2 at Youtube

Video 2 in .wmv format


Installing FamLink on some Windows7 machines may experience problems with permissions This is a known bug and future releases of FamLink will hopefully contain a work-around for this issue. Video shows how to set permissions for the FamLink software.

Video 3 at Youtube

Video 3 in .wmv format


You may send comments to help@famlink.se