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FamLinkX is compatible with all Windows version from XP and the installation files are provided in link below.

When downloading FamLinkX, you are encouraged to send us an
email including:
- your name
- the name and location of your institution
- any comments you might have about the program
With this information, we can keep track of how FamLinkX is used, and we can notify you about possible updates of the program.

Validation files may be found here (Excel file with pedigree names and values to fill in as well as FamLinkX save files)

Databases may be found here

Current version

FamLinkX v.2.7 (Early release 2018-08-30)

- Fixed minor bugs.


FamLinkX v.2.6 (Released 2017-01-18)

- Fixed minor bugs.

- Included some new pedigrees.

- Self validation feature available via Tools menu. This function will create a series of tests to find all pedigrees.

- Made updates to the report. Now includes marker likelihoods, references and some additional text.

- Simulation module has been thoroughly tested and updated. Should now work and produce correct results for all predefined pedigrees. Please report any bugs you encounter.

- Export/import functionality in connection with cluster and markers has been revised. Users of Decaplex (or similar single marker clusters) can now enjoy simple import of allele frequencies.

- Automatic sorting of clusters and markers before computations.



Earlier versions


FamLinkX v.2.5 (Released 2016-08-22)

- Fixed several bugs in the create pedigree feature.


FamLinkX v.2.4.1 (Released 2016-06-05)

- Fixed bug that was caused by the introduction of cluster specific lambdas causing FamLinkX not to update the calculations when new lambdas were chosen.


FamLinkX v.2.4 (Released 2016-05-29)

- Fixed smaller bugs

- Updated report to include also individual marker LRs


FamLinkX v.2.3 (Released 2016-02-15)

- Minor bugs fixed.

- It is now possible to import xml files on the CODIS format

- Fixed issue that caused an extra empty pedigree to appear when creating your own pedigrees

- Fixed crash when using kits with single marker clusters (e.g. Decaplex)


FamLinkX v.2.2 (Released 2015-11-07)

- Minor bugs fixed.

- Some stability issues.

- Maternal uncle (with male as the 2nd persons) provided wrong results. Corrected

- View the data for all persons together in the Add data dialog.

- Specify a name for the database, e.g. "Norwegian".

- Specify that you wish to perform calculations using a zero mutation model (without having to change the rate for each system). Specified in the Options dialog.

- Made several updates to the report. Now timestamp, file location and database name is reflected. In addition, the gender for the persons is included.

- View the accumulated LR as well as the marginal LR for the results. These two measures give an idea of the contribution for each marker and cluster to the overall LR.

- The manual has received a mayor update.

FamLinkX v.2.1

- Bug fixed that would cause wrong calculations when using several one marker cluters. (Affects users of Decaplex and similar kits)

- Bug fixed in the frequency estimator dialog (Found in Edit cluster dialog)

- The dialog when specifying DNA data  has been updated. Changing the alleles now reflect immediately. Also, it is

now possible to double click a specific marker in the display window, instead of choosing Cluster->Marker manually

- Skip cluster functionality added. It is now possible to perform calculation with incomplete allele data. Affected cluster will be skipped (for now).

- Sorting. Before calculations, all clusters and markers are sorted.


FamLinkX v.2.0.1

- Bugs when creating pedigrees fixed

- Bug in report creator fixed

- Several minor changes

- New: View the frequency of individual haplotypes for different values of lambda. (Found in the Edit cluster dialog)

FamLinkX v.2.0

This version was released 2014-11-13 and obsoletes all previous versions. Several bugs has been smashed. In addition speed-ups and other improvements have been implemented. (An early release of 2.0, dated 2014-11-10 contained a small bug)

Please be aware that old calculations with older versions could be wrong, unless internally validated.

FamLinkX v.0.3



You may send comments to help@famlink.se