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This page contains some videos which demonstrate how to use FamLink and also Frequently Asked Questions.


Q: Can FamLink account for mutations?

A: Yes, for the pre-defined pedigrees we have implemented a slower algorithm that can handle mutations for linked markers. Please note that mutations and genotype likelihoods cannot be modeled simultaneously.


Q: Can FamLink handle multiple linked markers?

A: Yes, the software can handle virtually any number of linked markers. Please keep in mind that LD (allelic association) is not modeled. We recommend at least 0.5 cM distance between adjacent markers.


Q: Will FamLink provide the possibility to handle X-chromosomal markers?

A: Yes, in future releases we will extend the software with this option. X-chromosomal marker can be imported into the software but are currently not used in any functions/computations.


Q: Will FamLink provide the possibility to handle Y-chromosomal markers?

A: The software can import any data, but Y-chromosomal data is currently only used to predict haplotypes.


Videos (for older version of FamLink)

Installation Video demonstrating how to install FamLink

Video 1 at Youtube

Video 1 in .wmv format


Getting started Introduction to using FamLink demonstrating how to setup the Getting started example and do likelihood calculations.

Video 2 at Youtube

Video 2 in .wmv format


Installing FamLink on some Windows7 machines may experience problems with permissions This is a known bug and future releases of FamLink will hopefully contain a work-around for this issue. Video shows how to set permissions for the FamLink software.

Video 3 at Youtube

Video 3 in .wmv format


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