FamLinkX – A software for X-chromosomal markers

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The software FamLinkX provides functions in likelihood calculation for family relationships/pedigrees using X-chromosomal genetic marker data. FamLinkX is a free software with no strings attached. Anyone may use the software for non-commercial purposes. The software is developed by Daniel Kling at Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway, Andreas Tillmar at National Board of Forensic Medicine, Sweden, Thore Egeland at Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Petter Mostad at Chalmers University, Mathematical Sciences, Sweden. See further contact details here.


FamLinkX implements a new algorithm for genetic marker data based on Markov-chains for inheritance patterns, similar to the Lander-Green algorithm. In addition the algorithm implements a Markov-chain for allelic dependency (linkage disequilibrium). Moreover, the model allows for genetic inconsistencies (mutations). The software provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface for windows systems. Furthermore, calculations are in addition performed using previously published methods as a comparison. (Abecasis et al., Nat. Genet., 2002).

Using FamLinkX

Download the software and use the getting started example and the manual to start using FamLinkX. If you need help in any way, please contact us. Databases for published population will be available at the Download page.



Files for validation of new versions may be found at the Download section. FamLinkX implements a self validation feature to verify some of the calculations. 


Citing FamLinkX

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Last updated October, 2018


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